This course is a step by step guide for beginners using a DSLR Camera. You will learn composition, lighting & how to shoot using the manual setting.

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I have been a wedding and lifestyle photographer for 7 years now and I would love to pass down some of my knowledge in photography to help you bring it into your daily lives and capture all the precious moments that go by so quickly!

Every day I am told ‘your job is easy’ ‘all you do is point and click’ ‘anyone can take a good photograph with today’s technology’

This is SO far from the truth. Sometimes blood, sweat and tears can go into creating the one perfect photograph (My photography friends will defiantly agree with this!)

Photography is an art and a skill. It is seeing a moment and having all the skills to capture that precious moment in all its perfectness (If thats even a word- I make a lot up!)

Anyone can take a photo with todays technology- but to take a good photograph you have to see and feel the moment first- then bring in your skill to create the correct lighting and composition for the situation.



This beginners course will teach you all about lighting, lenses and composition.

For this course, you will NEED a DSLR camera.

This course is a basic photography course. Once doing each of the modules you will need to go away and practice what you have learnt. I also recommend after every module you watch you tube videos and do your own extra research into what you have learnt. Everyone has different ways of learning and you need to adapt this course into the best way that suits your learning.

Each module can be played once a week & then practice what you have learnt before moving onto the next. Or some people may prefer to watch them all at once & then break them down and practice what they have learnt. This is a very hands on course. You need to do the homework (get out and practice) in order to succeed 🙂


Helen x

Getting to know your DSLR

This first module is all about exploring your DSLR camera.


Learn how to use natural light to create beautiful, well lit images.


How to compose your images & subjects to create the best image from the background & lighting available to you.

Shutter Speed

This module looks at what a shutter speed is and how to use it.


Learn how aperture can create different lighting and looks in photographs.


This module looks at what ISO is and how to use it.


Using all the techniques we have learnt so far in manual to create the perfect exposure.

Depth of field

Looking at how to create different depths of field for different situations.


This module looks at different types of lenses and examples of different scenarios in which you would use them.

Added Bonus


Learn the basics of Lightroom to create your own style photography.


Learn the pro’s and con’s of shooting in RAW or JPEG. Which format will you shoot in?

Who is this course for?

Want to take better photographs of your children?

Do you love going on holiday and photographing different destinations?

Wanting to improve your photography to take better photos of you Family?

Off travelling around the world? This course will teach you to take professional photographs and keep your memories alive!

If you want to learn how to create professional photographs,
then this is the course for you.

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How do I get started, and how much does it cost?

This is a three-month course with 9 modules and 2 bonus modules. I recommend you do one module per week- then spend the week putting into practise what you have learnt. Some modules may need less or more time spent on it- this is explained in each module. Use Google and Youtube to look for further information or watch videos on each topic. ( I find this always helps but it depends on what kind of learner you are!)

This course costs a one-off payment of £150.

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Three Month Membership

9 Modules to teach you how to take professional photographs.

2 Bonus modules.

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I am always reluctant to join online courses, but this was simple to understand, clear and very informative. Not only have I have learnt the basics to take great photographs of my children, I have also found it useful for my events I hold at work and have had lots of fun learning and creating memories along the way!

Sarah-Jane Stapleton

Mummy & Marketing Executive

After years of playing around with my camera on the Auto setting it was great to attend this course and learn the techniques I needed to get the results I wanted.

Chris Wilson

Property Developer

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